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Our services

  • Agricultural policy design and implementation

  • Institutional reform

  • Land market development

  • Agribusiness investment promotion and program administration

  • Small farmer support programs development, implementation and  evaluation

  • Value chain analysis and strengthening

  • Support to innovation and technology transfer

  • Capacity building and training

  • Agricultural policy analysis and statistics


Who we are

Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture is a small, female-owned consultancy firm of internationally renowned experts. We work with multiple stakeholders for the advancement of agriculture and agribusiness.

Our experts have worked in various areas of development on nearly all continents of the world, especially in former Soviet Union countries. We act with professionalism, integrity and foresight. Our team is a blend of senior consultants and advancing professionals with strategic depth and advanced technical skills. We merge a wide mix of competencies and experience to advance food, agriculture and development of businesses, governments and communities around the world.

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