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David Dumaresq

David Dumaresq

Mr. David Dumaresq is a Director of Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture. He has more than 20 years’ experience in commercial fruit and vegetable production operations in highly competitive environments. David is profoundly knowledgeable in organizing and successfully managing production and marketing activities, including wholesale and retail, value addition by means of processing, packing, and direct marketing with a variety of consumers. He is a lead farmer in the area of high-quality agriculture with a solid reputation among consumers and growers.

Specific areas of Mr. Dumaresq’s specialization include greenhouse operations, production of high value-added vegetables, fruits, brambles, ornamental plants, etc. He is an active player in government-sponsored initiatives targeted at improvement of availability of healthy and nutritious food to the poor; proven experience as a job creator in the community.

Mr. Dumaresq successfully uses his hands-on experience in international assignments. His international activities started in 1995 in Ecuador, with the Peace Corps. An assignment with Farmer to Farmer in Ethiopia, he played an instrumental role in optimization of horticulture and plant science curriculum for approximately 2000 students at a local university. As a first ever American at the university, he designed and delivered training of trainer’s program to professors and students there.

While working for the Economic Prosperity Initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development and implemented by Deloitte, Mr. Dumaresq designed and implemented the first ever comprehensive greenhouse development program for the Republic of Georgia including strategic advice, investment planning, production practice optimization, and marketing. He is the creator of large-scale training programs for smallholderfarmers operating in vegetables production. David Dumaresq actively advised the Governments of several developing countries in formulation of initiatives for improvement of agronomic and agribusiness education and systems.

David Dumaresq is an active member of various industry associations and organizations in the US. He holds a degree in Philosophy from Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH, USA. He accomplished Graduate Business Courses of Suffolk University, Boston, MA, and has two-year certificate course in Agricultural Leadership and Professional Development from LEAD, New England. He has a Certificate in French from the Laval University, Quebec City, Canada.

David Dumaresq is a native English speaker and is fluent in French and Spanish.

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