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Analysing Data

Policy design and implementation

In collaboration with USAID, EU, FAO, and others, our experts worked on creation and implementation of comprehensive long-term agricultural development strategies and programs in Georgia, Moldova, Pakistan, and other countries. We have in depth understanding of transformation process and context, within which successful long-term development takes place. We try to help create environment necessary for investment, innovation, and productivity to flourish.


Analysis and statistics

Agricultural policy analysis and statistics is one of our particular strengths. We have a thorough understanding of the international agricultural and agribusiness development context and major trends. We are very familiar with international and national data sources and use them effectively, although with caution and consideration. Our experts coined the term Data Warehouse, which is a tool for informed policy making for governments, research institutions and international organization applicable in many activities. Our experts have been playing a visible role at international level for improvement of agriculture and agribusiness statistics.

Farm Field

Land market development

Our Team members served prominent roles in land redistribution and governance reforms in Former Soviet Union countries, such as Moldova and Georgia. The work concerned management of primary allocation of several million hectares of former collective farmland to peasants and village inhabitants, as well as creation of transparent and efficient framework for initial registration of unregistered parcels. We have in-depth understanding of key aspects of land ownership, as well as importance of security of the title, importance of small-scale farmers in development and sustainable use of land.

Bees at Work

Smallholder farmer linkages

Our experts have been working extensively on strengthening of smallholder farmer linkages. This includes working directly with farmers and through the governmental institutions engaged in production, hazelnuts, citruses, vanilla, cocoa, animal products, greens, and open field vegetables. Our Team is world-renowned in specific instruments such as contract farming and warehouse receipts. Our experts helped small-scale farmers by acquainting them with climate-smart agriculture practices, effective water resources use and etc, as means to reduce costs and improve marketability of the produce.

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Agribusiness investment promotion

At various times our Team members managed multiple million Dollar agribusiness and farmer support, grants and loans programs in Pakistan, Georgia, Moldova, Caribbean, and etc. We worked in many value chains including staple foods, animal husbandry, specialized plant-growing and export-oriented crops production. Our experts successfully administered agribusiness production, consolidation, processing, and marketing activities. Our Team have serious experience in running activities supporting agricultural services, notably multifunctional Farm Service Centers in Former Soviet Union Countries.

Working Mother in Field

Institutional reform

Our Team have valuable experience in supporting business-enabling environment in the areas of agricultural cooperation, extension, change management and sector regulatory reform, such a wine industry. Our experts supported delegation of regulatory functions from the state to participation-based industry organizations, encouraged grass-roots cooperation among the farmers and agribusinesses. We worked a lot for improvement of coordination among governmental structures in the areas of statistics, physical and legal infrastructure for agriculture and agribusiness development, and etc.

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Market systems analysis and strengthening

Market system analysis and strengthening is one of our key concentrations. Our experts have worked in many countries and designed programs for numerous value-chains, including niche product promotion into foreign markets, value adding and other marketing tools for high value-added agriculture, and etc. We undertake thorough assessment of export potential for crops and processed products, recommend on the mechanisms for strengthening market links, improvement of access to technologies, encouraging innovations and proactive role of government in development.  

Team Meeting

Capacity building and training

Our Team have very rich experience in capacity building and training activities. We both design and deliver training programs for all kinds of farmers and agribusinesses, large and small, technically sophisticated and relatively simple. Our experts pioneered the concept of Knowledge Plots and Knowledge Centers for large numbers of small farmers, greenhouse operators, and others, who by means of direct engagement with our trainers could learn new production techniques by doing things on site. This proved to be a very successful means of for shortening the learning curve, by which trainees could modify new technologies to their own to individual needs.

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