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Jane Bowie

As a founder of Partnership for Sustainable Agriculture, Ms. Jane Bowie leads work of around 20 renowned professionals from various fields of expertise. After graduating from the Skidmore College, NY with concentration in Business and Economics, she commenced to her professional journey in the food industry in various parts of the US. From her successful career of establishing and running small and large scale food outlets, as well as co-managing successful and diverse  farming operations, she knows thoroughly how food business operates and what healthy and nutritious food means for people, for future generations, and the planet as a whole.

Her new undertaking of founding the consultancy firm is realization of her intention to zoom out and fulfill the passion for contributing to the well-being in developing countries through improvement of food and agricultural policies and support farmers and agribusinesses. The company established by her hopes to help developing countries in their efforts of adapting their agriculture to current challenges and enabling their food systems to  provide the population and the companies with healthy and nutritious food in sustainable, environmentally-informed ways.

(link to the CV)

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