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Lasha Dolidze

The Co-founder, Mr. Lasha Dolidze has almost 20 years’ experience in the sphere of support to economic development, agricultural policy formulation and implementation, donor coordination, monitoring and evaluation, design of institutional reforms, land reform evaluation, and more. As one of the authors of the Agriculture Development Strategy of Georgia 2015-2020, he managed activities related to policy reforms in the areas of support to competitiveness, contract farming, food loss and waste, food security, quality schemes, warehouse receipts for specific crops, and other areas. Lasha Dolidze has rich experience in institutional upgrade of agricultural statistics systems, agricultural extension, support to farmer organizations development, and institutional reform of wine sector oversight.

In addition to work in policy formulation and institutional reform, Lasha Dolidze has a deep knowledge of agricultural enterprise development. He managed agricultural grant portfolio of 25 million USD funded by the Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund directed primarily towards creation and strengthening of value-adding agricultural enterprises in various regions of Georgia.

Mr. Dolidze has held managerial positions in projects funded by bilateral and multilateral development organizations such as Millennium Challenge Georgia fund, United States Agency for International Development, and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations.


Recently, as a World Bank consultant he created an agricultural information strategy for the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Armenia and technical specifications for the Agricultural Data Warehouse. The latter is an interactive tool for gathering and processing agriculture development related statistics and data and their visualization for use in analysis, planning, and decision-making.

Lasha Dolidze frequently participates in research activities both independently and in collaboration with various NGOs. His interests include macroeconomics, agricultural development, institutional development, quality of governance, sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, business climate, and other fields.

Lasha Dolidze is B.S. (Diploma with Honors) of the Tbilisi State University, Georgia and M.S. in Development Economics from Williams College, MA.

Lasha Dolidze is a native Georgian speaker. He is fluent in English and Russian and has good command of German.

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