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Sarah Eissler

Ms. Sarah Eissler’s research experience includes gender and ecological sensitivity in agriculture, climate smart agriculture, rural sociology, smallholder market linkages, advanced agricultural data analysis, and etc.

Sarah Eissler published scientific papers and contributed to books of various subjects, such as gender divisions in labor, small-scale innovative farming, adaptation to climate change, women and youth empowerment, and sustainable development.


Sarah currently teaches agro-business management course with concentration on French and American context. She has an experience of serving as a visiting lecturer in South East Asia region.


In 2019, Ms. Sarah Eissler obtained her Ph.D. in Rural Sociology from the Pennsylvania State University Park, PA. She is a M.S. in Rural Sociology and has B.S. in Biology and English.

Sarah Eissler is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.


(link to the CV)

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