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Steve McCrone

Mr. Steve McCrone is a renowned specialist in strategy development and implementation in volatile and complex situations. Steve’s Geographic focus is Australia, New Zealand, and recently, Former Soviet Union. His work has been focused on large organizations, including state institutions. His activities support trust building among stakeholders and facilitation of strategic change based on broadening of participation of actors in decision making. Mr. McCrone was instrumental in implementation of comprehensive survey of actors of Georgian wine sector and subsequent development of Wine Strategy containing specific, action oriented, clear goals and targets and mechanisms for necessary financial, political, structural arrangements for wine sector for strengthening its competitive position in high-end markets.


Steve McCrone is an expert in senior management training, which is an essential aspect of agricultural policy and decision-making in developing countries. Mr. McCrone has been providing management consultancy to large organizations both through his own firm, Cornwall Strategic Ltd, as well as an individual consultant.


Mr. McCrone is a Bachelor of Commerce of the University of Otago, New Zealand with major in Human Resource Management and Operations Management. He possesses the Diploma for Graduates. Thesis for the diploma was quality management in service organizations and strategy for wine making companies. Currently, Steve Mc.Crone is pursuing his Ph.D. studies with a focus on complexity theory to assess the underlying risk within the New Zealand Superannuation Funds strategic tilting policy, based on the relevant papers developed by the Santa Fe Institute.


Steve McCrone is a native English speaker.

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