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Thomas Gabielle

Mr. Thomas Gabrielle has more than 30 years experience in the field of economic development. He collaborated with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, World Food Program, United Nations Development Program, United States Agency for International Development, and other multilateral and bilateral development agencies for the governments of the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe. He’s field of expertise is, inter alia, institutional and technical capacity building and practical set-up of information systems for decision formulation and implementation in agriculture development, food security, health, early warning systems, resources use, disaster risk management, thematic mapping, mobile data collection, market prices, and climate change.

Originally from Boston, MA, Thomas Gabrielle holds a B.S. in Philosophy and Literature from Boston College, MA. He acquired M.S. in Literature at the University of Toronto in 1993. He is a Master of Science in International Development and Geographic Information Systems of the Clark University, Worchester, MA.


Thomas Gabrielle’s publications touch various developmental topics, such as food security analysis, community household surveillance system, internet use in developing countries, and information management systems.

Thomas Gabrielle speaks, writes and reads in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Kiswahili.


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